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USPA Coach Certification Course

USPA Coach Certification Course for earning your first basic instructional rating.

How to Prepare

Prepare for the Ground Evaluation portion and the training section by reviewing the Coach Course packet in the Toolbox. Print the pages and bring them with you to the course. Make sure you have a SIM and IRM. Please familiarize yourself with these two important references. In order to facilitate that, you must have the Coach Test from the IRM completed BEFORE you show up for the course.

Prepare for the Air Evaluation portion of the course by doing 2 ways on your belly with a friend, practicing flying close, laying a solid base, as well as making up distance. The air evals are not to the standard of AFF, but you must be able to unconciously fly your body well enough to observe a student in close proximity. Other periphial freefall skills you may need to work on include fall rate, observation skills, and effective feedback. I will gladly help anyone before the course to get a very realistic idea of what is expected.

USPA Requirements

Download Proficiency Card
*You may complete starred requirements within 24 months after the course but before your rating is approved.

1. Assisted in one complete solo first-jump course
2. Reached the age of 18 years
3.* Hold a current USPA B license or the FAI equivalent
4.* Completed at least 100 jumps

Kevin's Air Eval

Angela's Air Eval


The best tool is a new online USPA Library, programmed by Jen. You must be registered in a course to gain access.
Coach Proficiency Card - USPA Prof Card for Coach candidates
Coach Course Packet - Skydive Kansas packet, including notes, helpful hints, resources; please download & peruse before your course


Cost & Location

Location typically will be at Skydive Kansas in Osage City. However, depending on availability, you may host a course at your desired location for the cost of travel and lodging accomodations.

For courses with 3 or less candidates, training costs $250 per person total for all 3 days of the course. For courses with 4 or more candidates, training costs $175 per person total for all 3 days of the course. In addition, you will make at least 2 jumps but up to 4 jumps at the course. You are responsible for both the evaluator and your own slot on each jump. You are also responsible for paying the USPA rating fee of approximately $35.