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USPA Instructor Examiner Rating Course

Attending the USPA Instructor Examiner Rating Course is one of the ground requirements for earning your USPA Examiner rating in any discipline. You may not necessarily earn an examiner rating at the end of this course. Other requirements for this rating are discipline specific and are found on the appropriate Proficiency card at USPA's website.

USPA Requirements

Download Proficiency Card

The only requirement to attending an IERC is that you must already hold an Instructional rating. You can attend this ground course at any time in your pursuit of your examiner rating. In fact, the methods and techniques in this course are best done early, so you can apply them and incorporate them in your regular instruction.

Before the course, please do the following:
1. Make sure you have a SIM and IRM. Please familiarize yourself with these two important references.
2. Complete the Examiner Test from the IRM.
3. You will be evaluated on your teaching skills. The first evaluation is more informal, just to get your feet wet. Each candidate will give a 10 to 15 minute classroom presentation on a non-skydiving topic, i.e. fly fishing, juggling, shooting a gun, hitting a baseball, changing oil in an airplane, taking photographs, loading and organizing files on a computer, playing a basic drumset pattern. You can assume your audience knows NOTHING about this topic. Let Jen know what topic you decide on; plus secure any necessary physical materials and prepare a written lesson plan.



Basic Body Flight - Skydive University manual
Student LogBook - low res pdf of our Student Logbook, which has the progression checklist in Phases as it fits with the ISP
Freefall Essentials - The best of Skydive U stuff in an easy to use summary, organized with USPA's ISP
YouTube Ground School - pages of questions coaches ask
Tandems - pages of questions for tandems 2 & 3
ISP - USPA's Integrated Student Program but with acronym by :Jen to make sense of it
7 Biomechanical Principles - physics & flying your body
Newtons Laws of Motion - physical principles
Analysis & Debrief - break down each manuever into its phases for Skill Evaluation
LPS Classroom - Blank Classroom lesson plan starter
LPS Motor Skills - Blank Motor Skills lesson plan starter
LPS Example - Motor Skills lesson plan starter EXAMPLE
World's Easiest Lesson Plan!! - Using Jen's Three Ring, applicable to any lesson or dive flow
USPA Skydivers Information Manual - You need to have a current one for any rating course
USPA Instructional Rating Manual - You need to have a current one for any rating course
Educational Foundation for Skydivers - for resources for all instructional rating holders
USPA Proficiency Cards - link to USPA's site for their downloads page where you can view the appropriate proficiency card for the rating you are pursuing.


Cost & Location

Location typically will be at Skydive Kansas in Osage City. However, depending on availability, you may host a course at your desired location for the cost of travel and lodging accomodations.

For courses with 3 or less candidates, training costs $500 per person total for all 3 days of the course. For courses with 4 or more candidates, training costs $375 per person total for all 3 days of the course. There are no jumps associated with this course. You are responsible for paying the USPA rating fee of approximately $100 once all your other requirements are met.