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Strong Enterprises
& USPA Tandem Instructor Rating

Strong Enterprises & USPA Tandem Instructor Certification Course, for fulfilling the requirements for the manufacturer rating and USPA Instructor rating.

Strong Enterprises Pre-requisites


1. Minimum of 18 years of age.
2. 50 jumps within the last year.
3. Jumpmaster or Instructor rating, or the Basic Instructor Course (BIC),
or coach.
4. One intentional or emergency cut-a-way.
5. Four hours of freefall time.
6. Current FAA Class III Flight Physical, or parachuting physical approved by a
national parachuting association or the military.
All Candidates must meet the FAA requirements and Strong Enterprises'
prerequisites before attending the Tandem Instructor Certification Course.
Proof of prerequisites must be shown to the Examiner. Along with original
logs and documents Candidate must submit copies of:.
      a. Logs showing three years of skydiving experience.
      b. Logs showing 500 freefalls.
3. Logs showing 50 jumps within the last 12 months.
4. Logs showing four hours in freefall.
5. Logs showing one cut away (intentional or emergency),
6. Expert license and ratings (J/M, I, BIC), coach.
7. Current FAA Class III Flight Physical, or parachuting physical approved by a
national parachuting association or the military.
8. Letter of recommendation signed by:
      a. 2 Certified Tandem Instructors
      b. Home DZ Owner/Manager
Note: Waiverable ONLY by Strong Enterprises

Each Candidate must bring to the course:
• Medium wing jumpsuit.
• Soft helmet (French Type).
• Wrist altimeter.

You will need to purchase a TICC packet, available from Strong Enterprises or from Jen, at a cost of approximately $150.

FAA Requirements

FAA Requirements:
1. Minimum of 3-years skydiving experience
2. Minimum of 500 free-fall parachute jumps.
3. USPA or FAI expert parachute license.

USPA Pre-requisites

Download Proficiency Card
*Current USPA Instructors need not meet starred requirements.

1. Assisted in two tandem first-jump courses toward Category A requirements.
2. Assisted in two Category B tandem ground preps.
3.* Assisted in two Category D ground preps.
4.* Observed ground preps in Categories B, C, E, and F.
5.* Correctly taught freefall stability and basic freefall maneuvers, including freefall turns, backloops, barrel rolls, front loops, and tracking.
6.* Prepared an effective canopy flight plan and provided ground-to-air (for example, radio) instruction for winds up to 14 mph.
7.* Participated in the spotting and aircraft lessons from Categories D through H (or equivalent training).
8.* Demonstrated five practice tandem cutaways wearing tandem equipment and with a simulated student in the student harness in the presence of a USPA Tandem Instructor or Tandem Instructor Examiner.
9.* Made 10 jumps to teach and observe basic group freefall skills (verification of 10 entries in the candidate's logbook).
10. Correctly answered at least 80% of the questions on the USPA Tandem Instructor Final Examination.
11. Has a minimum of 3 years of experience in parachuting.



Basic Body Flight - Skydive University manual
Student LogBook - low res pdf of our Student Logbook, which has the progression checklist in Phases as it fits with the ISP
Freefall Essentials - The best of Skydive U stuff in an easy to use summary, organized with USPA's ISP
YouTube Ground School - pages of questions coaches ask
Tandems - pages of questions for tandems 2 & 3
ISP - USPA's Integrated Student Program but with acronym by :Jen to make sense of it
7 Biomechanical Principles - physics & flying your body
Newtons Laws of Motion - physical principles
Analysis & Debrief - break down each manuever into its phases for Skill Evaluation
LPS Classroom - Blank Classroom lesson plan starter
LPS Motor Skills - Blank Motor Skills lesson plan starter
LPS Example - Motor Skills lesson plan starter EXAMPLE
World's Easiest Lesson Plan!! - Using Jen's Three Ring, applicable to any lesson or dive flow
USPA Skydivers Information Manual - You need to have a current one for any rating course
USPA Instructional Rating Manual - You need to have a current one for any rating course
Educational Foundation for Skydivers - for resources for all instructional rating holders
USPA TI Proficiency Card - link to USPA's site for their tandem instructor rating, one portion of this course. If you already have an instructor rating in another discipline, you may omit this portion.


Cost & Location

Location typically will be at Skydive Kansas in Osage City. However, depending on availability, you may host a course at your desired location for the cost of travel and lodging accomodations.

For courses with only one candidate, training costs $500 total for all 3 days of the course. For courses with multiple candidates, training costs $350 per person total for all 3 days of the course. Additional USPA instructor training for candidates without a current instructor rating (only have a Coach rating) costs an additional $80 per candidate. In addition, you will make 5 jumps at the course. You are responsible for both slots plus gear rental. Cost of renting Skydive Kansas tandem rig during the course is discounted to $45 per jump. You are responsible for packing the main (part of the training). You are also responsible for purchasing a TICC packet before the course, available from Strong Enterprises or from Jen, at a cost of approximately $150, and responsible for paying the USPA rating fees after the course, at a cost of approximately $50.